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Welcome to the Scripts Group's "LSL Portal"

LSL Portal is a full LSL Reference, containing any available documentation information from different sources, as also referring to original documentation or further resources.

Please feel free to register (which is very simple and fast) and contribute to the Wiki.

This is still a work-in-progress. Please check out the official LSL Portal instead.

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===Last Additions===5th January

3th January

  • Introduced new category for LSL Compiler Errors
  • Several improvements/new additions to LSL article templates

2th January

  • 4 new functions in category Chat

30 Dec

29 Dec

28 Dec

For new editorsEdit

It's very simple to start, even if you haven't worked with a Wiki before. Don't worry about doing something wrong, you can't break things. Any change is undo-able.

Here some introduction:

Getting started - The Basics - How to register and edit a page

Editing in Depth - Explained in pictures and video tutorial

Sandbox - Use that one to try out editing, if needed

Using Templates - To create LSL Function pages and edit other pages, please use templates. There are many templates already created and more will be available soon. If you don't know or understand how to use templates or they are not available yet, just create/edit pages without them for now.

Go on and create the pages you think are required or content you would like to see. Any contribution is a step forward, no matter how good or bad you are ;) Everything can be improved.

The first thing you could do is as example, to edit your own Userpage and write something about yourself and then add it to this list:

Jam Meili

(add here)

I will move those later on their own Users Section!

Latest activityEdit

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