integer PUBLIC_CHANNEL = 0;

The integer constant PUBLIC_CHANNEL has the value 0.

Used as chat channel constant, to send messages to the public chat channel.


Says "Hello World!" on the public chat:

		llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "Hello World!");


When used as chat channel in combination with the output functions of the Chat category, it will send text to public chat channel.

Messages on the public chat channel can be pretended with the string "/me " to make them look as if an avatar or an object does something, often used in roleplay. See llSay() for an example.

The "/me"-feature works only on this channel and in the client. Other scripts hear the message always as it was send from the script.


It is very common to use the constants value 0 instead of the constant.

This channel is used for regular communication between avatars or between objects and avatars. Communication directed from one object to another object should be done over different channels instead.

Other scripts can listen to messages on this channel, except scripts belonging to the same prim as the script, that sends the message.

Related Constants

  • DEBUG_CHANNEL - A chat channel constant, used to send messages to the debug channel.


SecondLife (agni), Secondlife (aditi), OpenSimulator

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